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PCSing to Jacksonville and Mayport can be difficult because it is very spread out. I have created this map of Jacksonville and Mayport to help you identify different areas and neighborhoods. Once you have decided where to live, read our blog and find fun things to do in Jacksonville and Mayport. Additional Resources: Read off and on base neighborhood reviews near NAS Jacksonville Find Military Friendly Realtors near NAS Jacksonville. Read off and on base neighborhood reviews near NS Mayport Download our PCS Guide to Jacksonville and Mayport. If you think I should add a location on the map, pl... read more

Fort Drum, also known as the Army's Best Kept Secret, is located in upstate New York. When my husband called me to tell me we had received orders there, I was shocked to find out it even existed! Being our first army post, we were unsure of the surrounding areas and elected to live on-post. Over the three years that we were there, we learned and visited the most popular areas off-post as well as all of the neighborhoods on-post. On-Post Housing Near Ft Drum On post housing is broken up into four different communities: Monument Ridge, Adirondack Creek, Crescent Woods, and Rhicard Hills . We li... read more

One of the most difficult things about PCSing to the Washington DC area is trying to figure out if you want to live in Northern Virginia (NoVa), Maryland, or in DC. For many military families, choosing a good school system is their number one factor when choosing where to live. I've always wondered .....What's all the talk about? Why is this such a good school district? Which areas and towns are aligned to Fairfax County Schools? I. Pros and cons of Fairfax County Schools 1. Positives of Fairfax County Schools High Achieving Kids - Most kids are high achieving so your child is constantly surr... read more

PCSing to the Washington DC area can be one of the most intimidating places to go. There are so many bases your husband can be attached to and there are so many different cities and neighborhoods surrounding the DC Area. A popular area to live is in the Northern Virginia (NoVa) area and two popular cities are Burke, Va and Alexandria, VA. This post will help clarify some of the pros and cons of living in Burke vs. Alexandria, Virginia. 2 things to consider with Burke vs Alexandria, Virginia Depends on Lifestyle: Charm and walkability (more cost) or space and functionality for a better price! ... read more

Have you ever dreamed of living in the 1950s? Fantasized about a neighborhood full of children for your children to play with, where your doorbell rings and neighborhood kids are asking if your kids can come out and play? It's all possible in these amazing DC suburbs in Alexandria, Virginia. Waynewood, Collingwood on The Potomac, Plymouth Haven, Riverside Gardens, and Stratford Landing are five amazing Alexandria neighborhoods to live in. In our house, it's not the doorbell that is ringing, it is the mail slot being opened and kids yelling through it to see if my kids are home. Neighbors can ... read more