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One of the most difficult things about PCSing to the Washington DC area is trying to figure out if you want to live in Northern Virginia (NoVa), Maryland, or in DC. For many military families, choosing a good school system is their number one factor when choosing where to live. I've always wondered .....What's all the talk about? Why is this such a good school district? Which areas and towns are aligned to Fairfax County Schools? I. Pros and cons of Fairfax County Schools 1. Positives of Fairfax County Schools High Achieving Kids - Most kids are high achieving so your child is constantly surr... read more

Have you ever dreamed of living in the 1950s? Fantasized about a neighborhood full of children for your children to play with, where your doorbell rings and neighborhood kids are asking if your kids can come out and play? It's all possible in these amazing DC suburbs in Alexandria, Virginia. Waynewood, Collingwood on The Potomac, Plymouth Haven, Riverside Gardens, and Stratford Landing are five amazing Alexandria neighborhoods to live in. In our house, it's not the doorbell that is ringing, it is the mail slot being opened and kids yelling through it to see if my kids are home. Neighbors can ... read more

House hunting in East Arlington Neighborhoods Have you received orders to Naval Station Mayport, Florida ? We did, twice. We lived in Jacksonville, Florida for 7 years total over 2 different tours. I graduated from college in Jacksonville, worked part time at a Hallmark store, taught first grade for 2 years, and then spent 3 years as a stay at home mom there. I experienced a lot around the area of NS Mayport. I truly did love being stationed there. In my blog titled "Where to Live if You Are Stationed at Naval Station Mayport, Florida" I talk about the basic boundaries to follow when you are ... read more

Funny Name, Great Private School I had the pleasure of meeting with Tracie Thorndike, community relations, coordinator at Nansemond Suffolk Academy for coffee the other morning. We were discussing Military Town Advisor and ways to spotlightprivate schools that have great programs for military children. Well, I was blown away by how motivated and receptive she was to finding ways to help military kids. Nansemond wants to go beyond a pep rally on Veterans day, to really reaching out to the military kids. We discussed them having get together and special group meetings for parents and kids of mi... read more