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Learn how to fly Space A

5 August 2013 by

Flying Space A

Part 1 (read Part 2)

My active duty husband, our three kids, and I recently flew Space A from Dover Air Force Base, Delaware to Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany.  This was our Amazing Adventure to Germany and Austria!  One of my absolute favorite parts of this trip was flying Space A! I have put together some steps to help others be able to fly Space A.

How to Fly Space A
Our Ride to Germany! Air Force C17

What is Space A?

To fly Space A which stands for 'Space Available' is the civilian equivalent of flying standby.

The Air Force's Air Mobility Command (AMC) allows military members and their families to fly on their aircraft during their routine flights to and from the United States and our overseas bases providing there is Space Available.

*Space A is FREE!!!*

Getting on a Space A Flight

You are ranked in priority two ways.

  • 1st by what Category you fall into
  • 2nd by the date that your leave began (date as it appears on your leave papers)

How to Fly Space A

Space A Priority Categories

Space A has 6 Categories of Priority for their passengers.

  • Cat. I: Emergency Leave
  • Cat. II: Morale Leave
  • Cat. III: Active Duty Member and Their Dependents
  • Cat. IV: Dependents with a Deployed Active Duty Spouse
  • Cat. V: Dependents with a Non-Deployed Active Duty Spouse
  • Cat. VI: Retired Military Members and Their Dependents

*Use Air Mobility Command's Website!

It is a wealth of information!*

Getting on the Space A List

You have many choices to register for Space-A travel: In-person, remotely by fax, postal mail or email

How to fly Space A

Steps to Flying Space A

  1. Send your leave papers to Air Mobility Command (AMC) that you want to try to fly out of and into.
  2. Use the AMC Passenger Terminal Facebook Pages to keep up to-date on what flights are going out, how many seats are available, and what time the roll calls are for the AMC Passenger Terminal you are trying to fly out of.
  3. Make sure you have a copy of your leave papers, passports for yourself and all of your family, and TWO forms of photo ID (one being your military ID).
  4. Show up in person to the AMC Passenger Terminal and mark yourself Present.
  5. Wait for Roll Call to see if you made it onto the flight.
  6. Embark on one of the most amazing adventures of your life!!!

How to fly space A

Read the rest of Jill's story and more about her Space A Travel Part 2, along with her adventures at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort and a list of things to do in Edelweiss.

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