Every school has its pros and cons and students, especially military kids, thrive in different environments. The key is to find an environment that fits your child’s needs, but how do you do this when you are stationed miles away and you have to research online? TIPS FOR SEARCHING ONLINE SCHOOL RATINGS Tip #1 - Research Online School Ratings Look at test scores, percentages of free/reduced lunch, and demographics. – They rate schools based on a 1 of 10 scale * utilizes GreatSchools’ ratings - They rate schools based on a 1 of 5 scale S... read more

Military Online Rentals - Renting Online The term “slum lords” is typically used for poorly run management groups, which often have expensive rents and low quality housing. We like to think these companies don’t exist, but unfortunately they do exist and usually prey on military families. To help you avoid this nightmare, I have put together a few tips on how to find military rentals online. In our last two moves, we were looking to rent and both times we did not do a house hunting trip. It wasn’t feasible and we didn’t have the time. Here is what I did, where I looked, and how I started my o... read more

House Hunting near Mayport or Jacksonville, Florida Have you received orders to Naval Station Mayport, Florida ? We did, twice. We lived in Jacksonville, Florida for 7 years total over 2 different tours. I graduated from college in Jacksonville, worked part time at a Hallmark store, taught first grade for 2 years, and then spent 3 years as a stay at home mom there. I experienced a lot around the area of NS Mayport. I truly did love being stationed there. In my blog titled “ Basic Boundaries: Where to Live if You Are Stationed at Naval Station Mayport, Florida ” I talk about the basic boundari... read more

Off Base Housing near Quantico One of the most stressful things for new couples moving to Quantico for TBS is finding a place to live. Often, this move is the first real move after college and can be extremely intimidating. Distance from base, safety of area , and cost are just a couple of the unknowns that can make an already stressful situation seem even more overwhelming. Luckily there are several great options in the area, filled with dozens of lieutenants and their families who went through the same search. The first and most important factor to consider is distance from the base . Durin... read more

PCSing to the DC area is very difficult because the area is so large and there are so many different options of where to live. When searching for a military home for sale or rent, it's good to know what the area and surrounding neighborhood is like. Is it safe? In a good school district? Are there other military around for a sense of community? The best way to research the DC area is by learning from other military families who have lived there before. A great DC suburb near the Pentagon is the City of Arlington. Arlington is broken into two sections, South Arlington vs. North Arlington. Many... read more