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There are two great festivals in El Paso that showcase Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. St. George “Feast in the Middle East” and St. Nicholas Greek Festival are held in the Summer. Both festivals are hosted by Orthodox Christian churches located within a few blocks of each other. The long lines are worth the wait for delicious food at both festivals in El Paso. Feast in the Middle East celebrates Middle Eastern cuisine with the community of El Paso and is held each May. Listen to live Arabic bands as you enjoy Kibbee, Tabouli, Meat Pies, homemade bread, Baklava, Symbosic and much more. You w... read more

Merging Two Cultures in One City One thing that has surprised me while living in El Paso is how close we are to another country. Mexico is across the bridge from Texas and its’ influence is seen throughout the city. The influence of Mexico is seen through the Spanish language used along with the Mexican cuisine served in many restaurants. It is also seen through the downtown area and many different cultural events that take place during the year. The influence of Mexico is seen in the downtown area referred to as the Golden Horseshoe District . It is an amazing place to visit. The goods being... read more

Bluebonnet, the State Flower of Texas Much like going to see Cherry Blossoms in Washington, D.C., Texans travel to admire the State Flower, the Bluebonnet. Bluebonnets are most commonly seen along roadsides and pastures throughout Texas.One of the things I love about living in Texas is bluebonnet season. Bluebonnets give Texas the perfect pop of cheery color in springtime.Wandering along the backroads of Texas in search of the perfect field of bluebonnets is a beloved pastime during the spring, for most. Bluebonnet Sightings Thanks to Facebook page, Texas Bluebonnet Sightings , I have been ab... read more

From hiking to restaurants, there are a lot of date night ideas in El Paso The first place my husband and I look for date night ideas in El Paso is a great website that has been a wonderful resource to us. The website is called El Paso Scene and it showcases the various activities, concerts, and reasonably priced events around the El Paso/Southern New Mexico area for every month of the year. The Ciudad Juarez, Mexico area is covered as well for those El Pasoans that visit the area on a semi-regular basis. We have been able to attend a play at a very reasonable price for both of us ($14 w/mili... read more