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Join thousands of military families and receive our email series! Sign up for our PCS Series or Town Advice , or both! PCS Series consists of8 emailswhichfocus on PCS tips and moving advice. I'm confident this series will make your next PCS your best move, yet! Town Advice consists of emails tailored to your military town to help you explore your town. Emails consist of recommendations about local restaurants, shopping, salons, health care providers, service providers, and tons of advice about things to do! *We take your personal information very seriously and will never give it to a 3rd part... read more

As a military spouse, I have always found it challenging to find time for myself, especially when it comes to fitting in a good workout.I have never understood why the base gyms do not have some kind of childcare for military families so they canworkout. I know they have drop in care at the CDC (sometimes) and some base gyms have a small area where you can keep a baby on the other side of a glass barrier, but come on, that just doesn't allow you to have a good workout without distractions. The majority of military families have children and what better way to let off some steam than hitting t... read more

Living life as a military family, with 8 moves in 18 years, priorities in mylife has scattered in many different directions and are constantly changing. Getting orders can be an exciting, excruciating, and/or exhilaratingly emotional time for you and your family and the feelings can shift from one moment to the next. There is always going to be the bitterness of saying goodbye and the nervousness of saying hello to friends, neighbors and communities. In this unpredictable world that the military has created for us, I have always strived to find and hold on to my constant. I have cherished the... read more

Options for Military Families when Buying a Military Home Every 1 to 3 years is the average that a military family moves. 6-9 times is how many times the average child in a military family will move during a school career. Whether you have school aged children or not, school ratings can affect your decision when looking for military homes for sale or rent. There can often be a waiting list for military housing, so a military family facing a move ought to look into off-base housing. When buying a military home, read reviews to find out what's surrounding the military home. Is the neighborhood ... read more

MilitaryByOwner is a Veteran owned company that provides a fantastic service for military families to advertise their homes for sale or homes for rent. The site has helped thousands of military families over the years. I am proud to announce that MilitaryTownAdvisor and MilitaryByOwner have partnered together to become the best one stop resource for military families during the house hunting phase. Of the past few months, I have become very familiar with MilitaryByOwner's website and I wanted to share a couple of tips. Tips for searching off base neighborhoods: When searching for a home, read... read more