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MilitaryByOwner is a Veteran owned company that provides a fantastic service for military families to advertise their homes for sale or homes for rent. The site has helped thousands of military families over the years. I am proud to announce that MilitaryTownAdvisor and MilitaryByOwner have partnered together to become the best one stop resource for military families during the house hunting phase. Of the past few months, I have become very familiar with MilitaryByOwner's website and I wanted to share a couple of tips. Tips for searching off base neighborhoods: When searching for a home, read... read more

Renting your home is a scary thing, especially when you are trying to find the right tenants to occupy your house. Many military families rent their houses from afar and can't be in the same city as their new tenants. If this is the case for you, it's very important to ask the right questions to make sure you get good tenants to move into your house. Questions to Ask Future Tenants Why are you moving? This might have a simple answer if the future tenant is a military family, however if they are not military, it's nice to know why they are moving. If something in their answer doesn't make sens... read more

The first thing you do when you get new orders is decide whether you are going to live on base or off base at your next duty station. It’s important to get familiar with what your new military base has to offer and the surrounding areas. Is the base located in a small town and military housing is the right option for your family? Or is the base located in a larger military town where a lot of military families live off base and that’s a better fit for your family? Ask the following questions to help you choose between living on base or off base at your next duty station. 1. Can you afford to ... read more

The stress and anxiety about PCSing can start months and months in advance, even before you have orders in your hand. These tips will help reduce the anxiety and get your entire family prepared for the upcoming move. 1. Have a family meeting – Sit down and discuss the move with your family. At first, you or your kids may have a negative outlook about the move, but by sitting down and discussing the move, everyone can begin processing the information. The earlier you start preparing for a move, the more time you have to deal with the information and get ready mentally. 2. Include your kids in ... read more

Moving to a new town after a PCS can be daunting and the best way to meet new friends is to get connected quickly. Here are 4 ways to get connected: 1. Connect with Other Military Families Social media provides a great outlet for military families to keep in touch with old friends and meet new ones. Join Facebook and start to connect with other military families in your area. Ask them if they want to meet for coffee or for a playdate. You will enjoy your time at your new duty station if you get out and get connected with other families. Feel free to join ourprivate Facebook Group . 2. Explore... read more