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Hampton Roads is home of the largest Navy Base and has over 16 bases surrounding the area. Below is a list of the Hampton Roads Military Bases along with a map. If you are PCSing to the area, it's very important to research the area ahead of time and figure out the best place to live. Things to take into consideration are commute time, tunnel system , type of home or neighborhood, school system, and proximity to the beach or bay. Military Town Advisor has over 100neighborhood and area reviewsfor the surrounding area. When searching for military homes for sale or rent , read the reviews to get... read more

Every school has its pros and cons and students, especially military kids, thrive in different environments. The key is to find an environment that fits your child’s needs, but how do you do this when you are stationed miles away and you have to research online? TIPS FOR SEARCHING ONLINE SCHOOL RATINGS Tip #1 - Research Online School Ratings Look at test scores, percentages of free/reduced lunch, and demographics. - They rate schools based on a 1 of 10 scale (* Military Town Advisor utilizes GreatSchools’ ratings) - They rate schools based on a 1 of 5 scale S... read more

Military Online Rentals - Renting Online The term “slum lords” is typically used for poorly run management groups, which often have expensive rents and low quality housing. We like to think these companies don’t exist, but unfortunately they do exist and usually prey on military families. To help you avoid this nightmare, I have put together a few tips on how to find military rentals online. In our last two moves, we were looking to rent and both times we did not do a house hunting trip. It wasn’t feasible and we didn’t have the time. Here is what I did, where I looked, and how I started my o... read more

According to many experts, after divorce and the death of a relative, moving is the most stressful time that people will go through. This might be especially true for service members who have to uproot their family time and time again, and who have to deal with the particular needs that come with doing so. Because many service members have to move so often, military rental housing can be a better option than purchasing a home. The military housing for rent will allow individuals to take care of their families while still being flexible enough to move when duty calls. Find a Military Rental in... read more

Long distance road trips with toddlers or infants can be a stressful experience, even when the trip is meant to be a vacation. But when the trip is required by your job, as, for example, when the military requires personnel to relocate to different military housing on bases throughout the country and throughout the world...well, the stress level can rise exponentially. Even worse, most military families have to move more than once in their careers, sometimes even more than once in a single year. Here are some tips to ease the transition as much as possible for military families with small chi... read more