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The White House Easter Egg Roll is must-attend event! If you are stationed in the Washington DC area make the most of it! There are numerous opportunities for military families to experience amazing events in and around the DC area. Monday, April 1st is the date for the 2013 White House Easter Egg Roll . One of the big opportunities around here is the White House Easter Egg Roll. Yes this is exactly what it sounds like. You get to go onto the lawns of The White House and roll Easter eggs! This yearly spring tradition started with former President James Madison's wife, former First Lady Dolley... read more

Some things are just so hard to capture if you haven't experienced them. Like the commute North on th e George Washington Parkway in the mornings. This morning, I was barreling down the parkway to my office to blow up balloons for an Open House. There was a huge blanket of fog over the river and hundreds HUNDREDS of ducks sitting peacefully by the shoreline. I had to slow down to take it all in an amazing sight to behold. There was a photographer with a tripod trying to capture the scene and runners and walkers and bikers slowing down like me. If you live in the Mount Vernon or Fort Hunt area... read more