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We all know an upcoming military move or PCS (Permanent Change of Station) can be stressful for everyone in the family. I have found the easiest way to relieve my stress is by obtaining as much information ahead of time and being organized. Hopefully this list of PCS Tips will help relieve your stress and make your move go smoothly. PCS Tip #1 - Scan all of your Important Documents - Scan and keep them digitally on a separate disk or in a cloud storage system, just in case. PCS Tip #2 - Get Stuff Out of the House – If you aren’t having the packers move items, such as china, jewelry, suitcases... read more

Some things are just so hard to capture if you haven't experienced them. Like the commute North on th e George Washington Parkway in the mornings. This morning, I was barreling down the parkway to my office to blow up balloons for an Open House. There was a huge blanket of fog over the river and hundreds HUNDREDS of ducks sitting peacefully by the shoreline. I had to slow down to take it all in an amazing sight to behold. There was a photographer with a tripod trying to capture the scene and runners and walkers and bikers slowing down like me. If you live in the Mount Vernon or Fort Hunt area... read more

Have you ever wondered how to find out which school boundaries are aligned to a specific address or neighborhood? Now you can find out with's School and District Boundaries Map What this means is you can enter an address for any home and it will tell you exactly which schools are aligned to that address. This is fantastic for PCSing and house hunting when you are searching on the internet and don't have a clue which neighborhoods feed into which schools. Here is a step by step instruction on how to use it: #1 Go to, hover over Find A School, click on School a... read more

Many real estate listings frequently contain language about the property beingsold in “as-is” condition. Sometimes it is hidden in the bowels of the listing – where only realtors know to look – and it states “as-is addendum required. ” #1 Know the Definition of Buying a Home 'As Is" There is a lot of confusion about what this really means.Does it mean “ what you see is what you get !” or does it mean that the seller will make no warranties and no repairs . BOTH ! Unfortunately, many people misunderstand the term to mean the property is in need of significant repair- which is not necessarily t... read more

The answer is yes! And the DoD agrees! New orders , new duty station , no family members nearby , it's all too familiar for military families. Every time we move to a new military town, we have to start our babysitter search all over. It's frustrating and scary to let a new person into our home and let them care for our children. About Sittercity Military Program The DoD has realized this is a huge challenge for military families and has made an official partnership with Sittercity. The DoD provides fully paid memberships, that means FREE , to military families for Army, Marine, Navy, and Air... read more